Friday, March 20, 2015

Why book people can't wait for spring

5. Having the door propped open at the bookstore, without dying a cold, icy death.

4. More light to read! Need I say more?

3. Anyone else read in bed with just one hand out of the blanket holding the book? So the other hand can stay warm under the covers? Then when you have t0 turn the page, you have to sneak the other, super warm and cozy hand out from under the blanket to turn the page and it is possibly the worst thing ever, because you never managed to master the art of one-handed page turning/book holding? No more of that once it is warm out! It's the little things!

2. So many stellar spring books: Toni Morrison, Kate Atkinson, Anne Enright, Mark Z. Danielewski, Karen Joy Fowler, Jami Attenberg, Milan Kundera, plus a million amazing looking debuts! And we're a few months closer to a joyous hate-read of Jonathan Franzen's new book! Life is good!

1. Reading outside under a tree! Or next to a tree! On the grass! In the sun! On a blanket next to the vegetable garden that you are *not* going to kill with inattention this year! Can you even imagine anything more glorious??

Happy spring and happy reading!

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